Bunker 13: Experiments

The fundamental story behind Bunker 13 is players find themselves in an experimental nuclear bunker. Little known to them though – they are the experiment.

Players are given a character and must either defend the bunker from invasion by raiders or mutants or survive the experiment depending on play type.

For example a simple game may consist of one ‘Raider’ player per three or more ‘Bunker Dwellers’. Each night a Bunker Dweller goes missing so it is up to the Bunker to find the raider fast. Lynchings can only take place with a 50% majority so think before you act.

A more complex game might add Crazy Ivan (who wants to be lynched), the Stim Junkie who can help or hinder the bunker at will or the Chef who has to try and keep everyone alive.

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Getting ready for November releases!

The bumker cards

November is coming up and were looking to release two Mafia/Werewolf style games based on a converting cult and a post apocalyptic bunker being raided by mutants and raiders. The bunker version (pictured) is being finalised now and includes a few twists on the classic genre.

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You can also check out SS Sandbrook for free as a print and play here with a similar theme.

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Game update: SS Sandbrook V0.8 Redesign

Just a quick update to show what we have been working on.

We have been busy redesigning SS Sandbrook to make it easier to read based on some feedback and changing the art to creative commons 0 artwork.

We have also had art specially made for the card backs as seen in the top image, which are a big improvement from the old backs.

Character card, SS Sandbrook

Mystery on the SS Sandbrook print and play cards

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Challenge: Day 13/30

Day 13 of the 30 days, 30 ideas challenge where I create 30 ideas for games over the next 30 days. See other days here.

When I was young

Game type: card game, social / party

Length: 20 mins


Cards give a selection of well known films, songs etc which players have to pretend they did when they were young eg “airplane”, players recall a time when they managed to land a plane after the pilots got sick from eating airplane chicken. Players have to guess the film etc. 

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