Design Diary February

Morning all!

As is usual in the Spring with being a teacher, progress is grinding to a halt for a while as life ramps up for the exam season and the inevitable visit from Ofsted (schools inspectors).

We’ve just had the visit from Ofsted this weekend, so hopefully that all went well – looks like it.

I’m also on a course for children and adolescents mental health, which will run until early April and allow me to better understand and help students in our schools. I’m also hoping I’ll be able to make better materials that they can use, like the mood journals we made previously. These came out about 9 months ago and I really want to improve and update them to make them better, and if possible, cheaper.

Regarding our gamebook, chapter one is out and were making headway into chapter 2 – you can follow our progress here and check out chapter 1 here! The books looking to be about 5 chapters total, running 600 to 700 pages. Chapter 2 is almost into the editing phase too which is great!

I’ve also started having a look back at some of our earlier games – such as Tranquility Station. If you’ve ever played Space Station 13 (SS13), think that but as a board game. I want to rework it a bit and see if we can make it a think.

Other than that, enjoy the lousy smarch weather!

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