Bunker 13: Experiments

The fundamental story behind Bunker 13 is players find themselves in an experimental nuclear bunker. Little known to them though – they are the experiment.

Players are given a character and must either defend the bunker from invasion by raiders or mutants or survive the experiment depending on play type.

For example a simple game may consist of one ‘Raider’ player per three or more ‘Bunker Dwellers’. Each night a Bunker Dweller goes missing so it is up to the Bunker to find the raider fast. Lynchings can only take place with a 50% majority so think before you act.

A more complex game might add Crazy Ivan (who wants to be lynched), the Stim Junkie who can help or hinder the bunker at will or the Chef who has to try and keep everyone alive.

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So we made a colouring book….

Hi all!

To celebrate the release of our newest educational game “Emotions’ weve also made a colouring book and magazine – go check it out! The book contains literacy tasks for children and the magazine is just for colouring in!
Edit: We’re working to get this out to more places soon so hopefully you’ll soon see it popping up in Amazon 👌👌


Emotions Colouring and Literacy Book

By Simon Palmer

Emotions public release!

Hi all, checking in before the weekly update to tell you some exciting news!

We’ve been working hard and have finally released Emotions 1.0 as our first release!

Download is available on the TES store (as its predominately an educational game) but we are also using Patreon and personal money to professionally print it for local students in our West London schools.


Cards are available in both 72 card game version or 52 card version which includes the game plus poker lettering (2-10,JQKA). Let us know if you need a professionally printed copy!


We’ve also been hard at work updating Village Life to 0.5 and beyond! 0.3D is available to all Patrons to download but the latest 0.5 version is available to $5 and higher Patrons for the next month as an early access bonus. Get involved with out new Instagram @harlegames or find us on Facebook for more information.

Village life cards online

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State of the game – Tranquility Station

Tranquility Station is about a very unlucky space station following some sort of accident that has killed the previous crew. Players are assigned to be the new crew, taking on jobs from Captain, to Personnel or Chef. 

Players must work together to run the station, overcoming different situations and ensuring the station and players survive. Each round a new situation is presented which players can work together to normalise.

Unfortunately for the staff aboard Tranquility Station, one of the staff members is not all that they seem. One staff member has been influenced by a criminal element to undertake a special mission and destroy part of the ship, murder a staff member or force the crew to evacuate.

The dedicated team of security staff are always aboard to help out and eradicate any traitorous elements amongst the staff.

So don’t worry and enjoy life amongst the stars! Where nothing can possibly go wrong! 

Tranquility station game board

The game board showing the different sections and escape countdown

The Head of Security looks after the safety of those on board

Many heads of department can also undertake secondary jobs – the Head of Personnel is often found dabbling in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

Traitors have certain objectives to complete, from destroying part of the ship, to forcing it to be evacuated.

Scientists can research better equipment to help keep the starion and its staff in top shape

New situations arrive every round, sometimes with disastrous consequences for the team

Setting up the game in Table Top Simulator

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